All-time classic

The Union garden table concept was designed specifically to make it easy to combine with all kinds of garden furniture. The teak tabletop measures 240 x 95 cm and comes with a choice of table legs in various materials and colours. These are easy to attach and they fit tightly and securely. The Union table legs are available in the same teak material as the tabletop in 10 x 10 cm format, in aluminium with anthracite powder coating (10 x 10 cm) and in stainless steel in 8 x 8 cm format. This means that you can always find the perfect combination to match your garden chairs!


The garden table comes with a 5-year guarantee covering construction faults. Maintenance of teak garden furniture is relatively easy, these days. We offer a wide range of maintenance products, which allows you to choose how to maintain the appearance of your garden table.?

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