Sentosa Dining

The World's finest garden furniture

Sentosa Dining

The Sentosa’s extremely thin lined seat-back combination gives it a minimalist design. With its high back and decorative curves, the chair is incredibly comfortable. A light chair, it can be easily folded up and stored. The Sentosa is ideal in any garden and can be combined with almost any table.


The seat and back are made of indestructible stainless steel and are upholstered. The back of the chair has two strengthening rods. The base is made of aluminium. The adjustable chair is available in two variants: with aluminium or with teak armrests. The Venice table has an anthracite base and an aluminium top with a coating. The whole set has a lovely granite look.

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260 x 160 cm

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Design & Qualität

The world's finest garden furniture

5 Jahre Garantie

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