Chester Dining

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Chester Dining

With its rounded lines, the Chester dining chair is extremely comfortable. A lovely, modest piece of furniture featuring a unique technique: the single weave. This means that the back and sides are made from one thread. However, this does not detract from its strength or sturdiness. The Chester chairs are lovely in combination with the Victoria tables. The Chester dining chair is extremely strong and make a great addition to your garden.


The dining chair is made from the popular 5 mm round Pure Hularo weave. The aluminium frame has several extra rods which ensure optimal stability. The grey Olefin cushions also guarantee great seating comfort. The bistro table features a glass protector made of safety glass and a round, narrow table leg, providing plenty of space for your legs.

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175 x 75 cm

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Design & Qualität

The world's finest garden furniture


Wasser fließt direkt durch den speziellen Schaum hindurch, während ein weiteres Material, Dacron, dafür sorgt, dass die Kissen ihre originale Form behalten.

10 Jahre Garantie auf Hularo

Hularo steht synonym für die absolute Spitze bei synthetischem Rattan. Es lässt sich leicht reinigen, ist langlebig und beständig gegen UV-Strahlen, Salzwasser, Lotionen, Chlor und Alkohol.

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